Artist Stretcher Bars for better presentation of works of Art

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Every artist prefers to work with the best available canvas so that the work of art can remain safe for longer periods and can be sold at higher price or passed down to younger generation as a memorial. Along with a better quality canvas, a sturdy and reliable foundation for the artwork is also necessary so that it may remain safe for longer periods. Good quality artist or art stretcher bars provide that required strong foundation for such precious artworks.

Artist stretcher bars are better quality stretcher bars that are specifically used by the artists to provide a reliable foundation frame for their artwork so that the drawings, photos or paintings may not get wrapped or destructed. The most preferred art stretcher bars are either made up of Pine stretcher wood or Fir stretcher bars. Artists of embroidery or needle works also use art stretcher bars to display their works in better way. Stretcher bars can also be used to provide a sturdy frame for some of the excellent posters, banners, large size photographs or catalogues of high class. These can be used and displayed as pieces of interior decoration.

Fitting of the stretcher bars

The wood used for the making of artist stretcher bars should be resistant against wrapping or rotting and it should have smooth edges so that the artwork does not get any bruise or scratch. Smooth edges with a slight round shape at the end allow art stretcher bars to reduce the pressure on the edges of the canvas. Four stretcher bars together can make a sturdy looking beautiful frame for the painting, drawing, photo, embroidery work or other forms of artworks.

One can easily use artist stretcher bars in a rectangular form to provide a strong and attractive frame for their artwork. Otherwise, the artists may prefer to buy readymade canvas stretchers. The stretcher bars should be light enough to not make the artwork very heavy. The canvas is attached to the stretcher bar frame with the help of staples. Once the canvas is firmly attached with the stretcher bars, the artist gains an easy way to work on it. The frame can be used to display the artwork in galleries.

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