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Charcoal Drawing

Article Submitted by: Stuart White

Charcoal drawing painting is a painting style where the most important skill is to depict the visual appearance of the artist’s topic. Several of the most favoured topics featuring in charcoal drawing are individuals, children, pets, inanimate items and celebrities.

Additionally, charcoal drawings can also be made by making use of other tools such as digital media, lithograph, ceramic, ivory, etching, bronze, marble, photography and wood.
The definition ‘charcoal drawing’ might also describe the actual drawn portrait. Charcoal drawing artists make their black and white portrait art by commission, for private and public, or they’re influenced by the subject’s admiration and affection.

Charcoal drawings are in general family records, important state and everlasting memories as well. If portraitists portray themselves, the completed charcoal drawings will be called self-portraits.
Throughout history, the art of charcoal drawing has mainly immortalised the famous and powerful. Today, however, it is affordable for common people to commission a charcoal drawing of their families and friends as well. Nowadays, professional charcoal drawing artists still receive plenty of assignments from corporations, governments, groups, societies and individuals as well.
The principles of charcoal drawing
1. Preserve a person’s identity for future generations, in particular prior to the advent of photography.
2. Achieving a likeness of the chosen subject.
3. Make an artistic souvenir, a loyal memory of a person now absent or deceased.
4. Recording the portrait painter’s response to the subject’s living presence.
5. Representing the human subject’s nobility or essential dignity or nobility.
6. Establishing a public image, emphasising the subject’s status, personal qualities or fashionable appearance.
7. Recreating classical portraiture’s norms in a contemporary setting.
8. Developing or extending the necessary charcoal painting skills.
9. Exploring the sitter’s inward qualities, personality or psychology.
The goals are far from exclusive, and nowadays charcoal drawings will be balancing many of these aims against the client’s fee and expectations.

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